New webcam site called Omegle Chat

A very nice and brand new webcam social site like Omegle Chat is becoming increasingly popular today for its format of allowing people to have a face to face live webcam chat talk in chatroulette style of chatting. A chatroulette picks people at random, so once you enter the omegle chat site you will be paired up with a stranger from another location that might not be your same country. Webcam chatting this way is very fun and cool as you never know what the other stranger will look like. It can be male, female, old, or young. Its completely random and annoymous unless you give out your personal information. The omegle site does not require registration on your part.

Now Omegle Chat allows you to connect and interact with other people based on interests and location. Yes, thats a great feature. Why? Lets say you are an artist and you want to talk to another artists at random. You type in where it says "what are you into? (type your interests here)" and the site will pair you up with another person that typed in the same keyword as you. This is very nice and amazing. A lot of people will really like this site.


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